Single Physical Core for Platform Function in All-In-One Deployments

The platform core usage was optimized to operate on a single physical core with two logical cores in Hyper-Threading enabled for All-In-One deployments.

During a fresh install of All-In-One systems (non-system-controller) the system will be configured to operate with a single physical core for the platform function when Hyper-Threading CPU functionality is enabled. In case of Hyper-Threading is disabled the system will keep current behavior allocating two physical cores for platform function.

The use of single physical core for platform function is only suitable for Intel® 4th Generation Xeon® Scalable Processors or above and should not be configured for previous Intel® Xeon® CPU families. For All-In-One systems with older generation processors, two physical cores (or more) must be configured.

The System does not automatically configures the number of physical cores based on the CPU type, the user should perform this configuration. The default is Single Core when HT is enabled.

System recommendations and limitations will be available through the StarlingX System Engineering Guidelines.


During an upgrade process, the CPU platform configuration will be retained.

The number of cores allocated to the platform function can be changed through the system API and thru deployment manager.

System API:

  1. Lock hosts

system host-lock <host>
  1. Set cores reserved to platform

system host-cpu-modify -f platform -p<processor#> <#-of-physical-cores> <host>
  1. Unlock host

system host-unlock <host>