1. Remove all VirtualMachines, Virtual MachineInstances and Data Volumes

    $ kubectl get vm -A
    $ kubectl delete vm <vm-name> -n <namespace>
    $ kubectl get vmi -A
    $ kubectl delete vmi <vmi-name> -n <namespace>
    $ kubectl get dv -A
    $ kubectl delete dv <dv-name> -n <namespace>
  2. Remove KubeVirt and CDI pods and resources, and the virtctl command:

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system application-remove kubevirt-app
    $ rm /home/sysadmin/bin/virtctl
  3. Remove the KubeVirt and CDI helm charts and application:

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system application-delete kubevirt-app


KubeVirt has been removed from the system.