Events Suppression OverviewΒΆ

All alarms are unsuppressed by default. A suppressed alarm is excluded from the Active Alarm and Events displays by setting the Suppression Status filter, on the Horizon Web interface, the CLI, or REST APIs, and will not be included in the Active Alarm Counts.


Suppressing an alarm will result in the system NOT notifying the operator of this particular fault.

The Events Suppression page, available from Admin > Fault Management > Events Suppression in the left-hand pane, provides the suppression status of each event type and functionality for suppressing or unsuppressing each event type.

As shown below, the Events Suppression page lists each event type by ID, and provides a description of the event and a current status indicator. Each event can be suppressed using the Suppress Event button.

You can sort events by clicking the Event ID, Description, and Status column headers. You can also use these as filtering criteria from the Search field.

Event Suppression