Monitor Subclouds Using HorizonΒΆ

You can list subclouds, delete subclouds, and monitor or change the status of subclouds from the System Controller.


  • To list subclouds, select Distributed Cloud Admin > Cloud Overview.


    You can perform full-text searches or filter by column using the search-bar above the subcloud list.

  • To perform operations on a subcloud, use the Actions menu.

  • To change a Subcloud Group for a specific Subcloud, select the Subcloud Group name.

  • Confirm changes and check the new assignment in the Subcloud summary.



    If you delete a subcloud, then you must reinstall it before you can re-add it.

    The Host Details menu selection for a subcloud switches to the Horizon Web interface for that subcloud. To switch back to the System Controller, use the subcloud or region selection menu at the top left of the Horizon window.

  • To show detailed information about subcloud install/bootstrap/deploy failures, you select Distributed Cloud Admin > Cloud Overview.

    Then click on dropdown arrow. At the end you can get the subcloud error information.