Apply a Kubernetes Upgrade Strategy using Horizon

You can use the Horizon Web interface to upgrade Kubernetes across the Distributed Cloud system by applying the Kubernetes upgrade strategy for Distributed Cloud Orchestration.


Before you can apply the Kubernetes Upgrade strategy, you must upload and apply one or more updates to the SystemController / central update repository, create the Kubernetes strategy for subclouds, and optionally adjust the configuration settings for updating nodes.


  1. Select the SystemController region.

  2. Select Distributed Cloud Admin > Orchestration.

  3. On the Orchestration page, select the Orchestration Strategy tab.


    Orchestration Strategy

  4. Click Apply Strategy.

    • To monitor the progress of the overall Kubernetes Upgrade orchestration, use the Orchestration Strategy tab.

    • To monitor the progress of host Kubernetes Upgrade on RegionOne or a subcloud, use the Host Inventory page on the subcloud.