Bootstrapping from a Private Docker RegistryΒΆ

You can bootstrap controller-0 from a private Docker registry in the event that your server is isolated from the public Internet.


  1. Update your /home/sysadmin/localhost.yml bootstrap overrides file with the following lines to use a Private Docker Registry pre-populated from the StarlingX Docker Registry:

        url: <>/
        url: <>/
        url: <>/
        url: <>/
        url: <>/
      url: <>/
        type: docker
        username: <your_my-registry.io_username>
        password: <your_my-registry.io_password>

    Where <your_my-registry.io_username> and <your_my-registry.io_password> are your login credentials for the <> private Docker registry.


    <> must be a DNS name resolvable by the dns servers configured in the dns_servers: structure of the ansible bootstrap override file /home/sysadmin/localhost.yml.

  2. For any additional local registry images required, use the full image name as shown below.