Configure NVMe Drive as Primary Disk

To use a Non-Volatile Memory Express drive as the primary disk for any of your nodes, you must configure your host and adjust kernel parameters during installation:

  1. Configure the host to be in UEFI mode.

  2. Edit the kernel boot parameter.

    After you are presented with the StarlingX ISO boot options and have selected the preferred installation option (for example Standard Configuration or All-in-One Controller Configuration), press the TAB key to edit the kernel boot parameters.

    Modify the boot_device and rootfs_device from the default sda so that it is the correct device name for the NVMe drive (for example “nvme0n1”).

    vmlinuz rootwait console=tty0 inst.text inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=oe_iso_boot
    inst.ks=hd:LABEL=oe_iso_boot:/smallsystem_ks.cfg boot_device=nvme0n1
    rootfs_device=nvme0n1 biosdevname=0 usbcore.autosuspend=-1 inst.gpt
    security_profile=standard user_namespace.enable=1 initrd=initrd.img