Back up OpenStackΒΆ

StarlingX OpenStack is backed up using the StarlingX back-up facilities.

About this task

The backup playbook will produce a OpenStack backup tarball in addition to the platform tarball. This can be used to perform StarlingX OpenStack restores independently of restoring the underlying platform.


Data stored in Ceph such as Glance images, Cinder volumes or volume backups or Rados objects (images stored in ceph) are not backed up automatically.

  • To backup glance images use the script. For example:

    ~(keystone_admin)$ image-backup export <uuid>
  • To back-up other Ceph data such as cinder volumes, backups in ceph or rados objects use the rbd export command for the data in OpenStack pools cinder-volumes, cinder-backup and rados.

    For example if you want to export a Cinder volume with the ID of: 611157b9-78a4-4a26-af16-f9ff75a85e1b you can use the following command:

    ~(keystone_admin)$ rbd export -p cinder-volumes

    To see the the Cinder volumes, use the openstack volume-list command.

    After export, copy the data off-box for safekeeping.

For details on performing a StarlingX back-up, see System Backup and Restore.