AIO-SX - Restore on new hardware

For AIO-SX Node Replacement with configured ceph storage backend it is not possible to restore ceph data, since OSD disks will not be present to recover. The flag wipe_ceph_osds=true should be set in this case when running the optimized restore playbook.


The Node replacement can only be performed with equivalent hardware that has the same physical attributes and configuration.

The improved backup and restore supports AIO-SX Node Replacement, by the following method.

Restore Playbook Parameter to Specify Node Replacement

An optional parameter is provided to the restore playbook with the new management MAC address:

-e replacement_mgmt_mac <mgmt_mac>

This parameter is accepted only for controller-0.

For example:

~(keystone_admin)]$ ansible-playbook /usr/share/ansible/stx-ansible/playbooks/restore_platform.yml -e "initial_backup_dir=/home/sysadmin" -e "ansible_become_pass=St8rlingX*" -e "admin_password=St8rlingX*" -e "backup_filename=localhost_platform_backup.tgz" -e "restore_mode=optimized" -e "restore_registry_filesystem=true" -e "replacement_mgmt_mac=a1:a2:a3:a4:a5:a6"