Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes



The StarlingX Metal project is a new repository that manages the lifecycle, operation, and administration of the Host. StarlingX Metal also provides Host fault monitoring, alarms, and initiates fault recovery.

New Features

  • Manages the life cycle of the Host.

  • Detects and automatically handles host failures and initiates host recovery.

  • Monitors, Alarming, and Recovery for the following:

    • Cluster connectivity.

    • Critical process failures.

    • Resource utilization thresholds.

    • Interface states.

    • H/W fault / sensors.

    • Host watchdog.

    • Activity progress reporting (e.g. booting, testing).

  • Provides an interface with board management (BMC) for out-of-band reset, power-on/off, and H/W sensor monitoring.

  • Publishes the Host’s state with other StarlingX components.

  • Exposes a set of administrative commands for the user to manage the Host through REST API:

    • Lock/unlock, reboot, reset, re-install, SWACT.

    • Out-of-band via BMC: Reboot, reset, power on/off.

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