Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes



The StarlingX HA project is a new repository that provideds High Availability Cluster Management for StarlingX and OpenStack Services on Controllers.

New Features

  • High availability manager to manage the life cycle of services where the redundancy model can be N+M or N across multiple nodes:

    • Currently used in StarlingX to provide 1+1 HA Controller Cluster.

  • Configured to use multiple messaging paths to avoid split-brain communication failures:

    • Up to 3 independent communication paths.

    • LAG can also be configured for multi-link protection of each path.

    • Messages are authenticated using HMAC SHA-512 if configured / enabled on an interface-by-interface basis.

  • Active or passive monitoring of services.

  • Allows for specifying the impact of a service failure.

  • Completely data driven through the configuration of a SQL database.

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