Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes



The StarlingX Config project is a new repository that provides the following:
  • Host Installation.

  • Inventory Discovery.

  • Host Configuration, which moves to Host Management in future.

  • System-level Configuration.

  • Configuration of StarlingX Platform Services.

  • API, Horizon and CLI services for all Main Components.

  • Configuration for various services in StarlingX.

New Features

  • Installation:

    • Auto-discover new nodes.

    • Manage installation parameters (i.e. console and root disks).

    • Bulk provisioning of nodes through xml file.

    • Installation progress indicators.

  • Inventory Discovery:

    • CPU/cores, SMT, processors, memory, and huge pages.

    • Storage, ports.

    • GPUs, crypto/compression H/W, and LLDP neighbor information.

  • Nodal Configuration:

    • Node role and role profiles.

    • Core and memory (including huge page) assignments.

    • Network Interfaces and storage assignments.

    • Bulk configuration of nodes through system profiles.

  • User Interface:

    • REST API, Horizon GUI, and “system” CLI commandsuite.

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