Local Docker Registry Authentication and Authorization

Authentication is enabled for the local docker registry. When logging in, users are authenticated using their platform keystone credentials.

For example:

$ docker login registry.local:9001 -u <keystoneUserName> -p <keystonePassword>

An authorized administrator can perform any docker action, while regular users can only interact with their own repositories (i.e. registry.local:9001/<keystoneUserName>/). For example, only admin and testuser accounts can push to or pull from:


Username and Docker Compatibility

Repository names in Docker registry paths must be lower case. For this reason, a keystone user must exist that consists of all lower case characters. For example, the user testuser is correct in the following URL, while testUser would result in an error:


See also

https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/docker/ for more information about docker commands.