Change the OAM IP Configuration Using the CLIΒΆ

If you prefer, you can use the CLI to view or change the OAM IP Configuration.

To view the existing OAM IP configuration, use the following command.

~(keystone_admin)$ system oam-show
| Property        | Value                                |
| created_at      | 2018-05-16T20:06:25.523495+00:00     |
| isystem_uuid    | b0380a56-697c-42f7-97bc-f1e407111416 |
| oam_c0_ip       |                           |
| oam_c1_ip       |                           |
| oam_floating_ip |                           |
| oam_gateway_ip  |                           |
| oam_subnet      |                        |
| updated_at      | None                                 |
| uuid            | 2818e7c4-f730-43bd-b33d-eaff53a92ee1 |

To change the OAM IP subnet, floating IP address, gateway IP address, or controller IP addresses, use the following command syntax.

~(keystone_admin)$ system oam-modify oam_subnet=<subnet>/<netmask> \
oam_gateway_ip=<gateway_ip_address> \
oam_floating_ip=<floating_IP_address> \
oam_c0_ip=<controller-0_IP_address> \

For example:

~(keystone_admin)$ system oam-modify oam_subnet= \
oam_gateway_ip= \
oam_floating_ip= \
oam_c0_ip= \


On AIO Simplex systems, the oam_floating_ip, oam_c0_ip and oam_c0_ip parameters are not supported. To change the OAM IP address of a Simplex System, the parameter oam_ip must be used in combination with oam_gateway_ip and oam_subnet.

For example:

~(keystone_admin)$ system oam-modify oam_subnet= oam_gateway_ip= oam_ip=


If you change the IP address version (IPv4 or IPv6), ensure that the same version is used for the DNS and NTP servers.

After changing the OAM server configuration, you must lock and unlock the controllers. This process requires a swact on the controllers. Then you must lock and unlock the worker nodes one at a time, ensuring that sufficient resources are available to migrate any running instances.