R4.0 Release Notes

ISO image

The pre-built ISO and Docker images for StarlingX release 4.0 are located at the StarlingX mirror.


The source code for StarlingX release 4.0 is available in the r/stx.4.0 branch in the StarlingX repositories.


A system install is required to deploy StarlingX release 4.0. There is no upgrade path from previous StarlingX releases. For detailed instructions, see the Installation guides for R5.0 and older releases.

New features and enhancements

The list below provides a detailed list of new features and links to the associated user guides (if applicable).

  • Intel FPGA support for Kubernetes

    The Intel N3000 FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card is now supported in StarlingX, including support for orchestrating updates to the card’s firmware.

    Guide: Host FPGA Configuration for the Intel N3000 FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card

  • Kata Containers

    Workloads can now be deployed in Kata Containers by StarlingX, which provides a higher degree of isolation than workloads in generic containers.

    Guide: How to run Kata Containers with Kubernetes on StarlingX

  • Active Directory Integration for Kubernetes APIs

    StarlingX administrators can now deploy an optional system application to support using Windows Active Directory for authentication of the Kubernetes API.

    Guide: Authenticate Kubernetes Users with Windows Active Directory Server

  • Certificate Manager Integration

    StarlingX now provides a Certification Manager to enable automated certificate issuance, monitor certificate expiration dates, and configure an auto-renew process.

    Guide: Enable secure HTTPS access and manage certificates

  • Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) in Kata Containers

    Time-Sensitive Networking has been enabled for workloads running in Kata Containers.

    Guide: Enable TSN in Kata Containers

  • Upversion OpenStack services

    The built-in OpenStack services, including Keystone, Horizon, Barbican, and others, have been updated to Train. For more details, consult the OpenStack documentation for Train.

  • Upversion OpenStack application

    The built-in OpenStack application has been updated to Ussuri. For more details, consult the OpenStack documentation for Ussuri.

  • Kubernetes support in backup and restore functionality

    Back up and restore is now available for workloads running in Kubernetes pods.

    Guide: Backup and restore your deployment

  • Kubernetes manual upgrade capability

    StarlingX now has the capability of updating the Kubernetes images installed on the platform.

    Guide: Upgrade your Kubernetes version

  • Redfish virtual media support

    StarlingX now supports the Redfish Virtual Media Controller to support a secure BMC based ISO image boot.

  • Kernel rebase to 4.18

    The Linux kernel used by StarlingX has been upgraded to version 4.18 as provided in CentOS 8.

  • Upversion Kubernetes components

    Kubernetes was upversioned to v1.18.1, Calico was upversioned to v3.12, and Helm was upversioned to v3.

  • Layered build

    StarlingX builds have been monolithic and time consuming. The new Layered build system decomposes the system into separate layers that can be built independently. Both Layered and Monolithic builds are supported in this release.

    Guides: Layered build reference (overview) and Layered build guide (step by step instructions)

  • Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) support

    OPC UA is a data exchange standard for industrial communication in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) category. StarlingX now supports OPC UA.

    Guide: How to enable OPC UA on StarlingX

Bug status

Fixed bugs

This release provides fixes for a number of defects. Refer to the StarlingX bug database to review the R4.0 fixed defects.

Open bugs

Use the StarlingX bug database to review R4.0 open bugs.

At the time of release, the following R4.0 bugs were open:

Known limitations

The following are known limitations in this release. Workarounds are suggested where applicable. Note that these limitations are considered temporary and will likely be resolved in a future release.

  • 1887589 Creating a new instance with Horizon fails.