R2.0.1 Release Notes

ISO image

You can find pre-built ISO and Docker images for stx.2.0.1 at the StarlingX mirror,


The source code for stx.2.0.1 is available in the r/stx.2.0 branch in the StarlingX git repositories. The exact source code can be cloned by:

repo init -u https://opendev.org/starlingx/manifest -b refs/tags/2.0.1b
repo sync --force-sync


A full system install is required to deploy stx.2.0.1. There is no upgrade patch from StarlingX release 2.0.


The StarlingX 2.0.1 release provides fixes for the following bugs:

  • 1817936 Periodic message loss seen between VIM and OpenStac REST APIs

  • 1827246 Access to VM console not working as Horizon redirects to novncproxy.openstack.svc.cluster.local

  • 1830736 Ceph osd process was not recovered after lock and unlock on storage node with journal disk

  • 1843915 Cannot apply a chart with a local registry

  • 1843453 Calico configuration file has yaml format error

  • 1836638 RT kernel memory leak when creating/deleting pods

  • 1840771 CVE-2018-14618:NTLM buffer overflow via integer overflow

  • 1836685 CVE: integer overflow in the Linux kernel when handling TCP Selective Acknowledgments (SACKs)

  • 1837919 dbmon timeouts are too low

  • 1838692 ansible replay fails if kubeadm init was not successful