Change a Management Interface to Aggregated Using the CLIΒΆ

When worker and storage nodes are provisioned, the Ethernet interface used for PXE booting is automatically assigned to the internal management network.

To configure a management LAG interface you first need to remove the internal management network type from the existing management Ethernet interface and then add a new AE interface, specifying the mgmt network type, ae interface type, 802.3 AE mode, transmit hash policy and the slave interfaces.


The node must be locked to edit an interface.


  1. From the command line, delete and then recreate the management interface.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-if-modify -c <node> <interface>

    where the following options are available:


    The name of the node from which to delete an interface.


    The Ethernet interface to delete.

  2. Create the new interface.

    1. Add the interface to the host.

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-if-add -c platform -a 802.3ad -x layer2 <node> <interface> ae <ports>
    2. Assign the interface to a network.

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system interface-network-assign <node> <interface> <network>

    where the following options are available:


    The name of the node.


    The name to be assigned to the interface.


    To avoid potential internal inconsistencies, do not use upper case characters when creating interface names. Some components normalize all interface names to lower case.


    The Ethernet ports to assign.


    The network to assign the interface to.

    For example:

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-if-add -c platform -a 802.3ad -x layer2 worker-0 bond0 ae enp0s8 enp0s9
    ~(keystone_admin)$ system interface-network-assign worker-0 enp0s8  enp0s9 mgmt