Suppress Sensor ActionsΒΆ

You can suppress the configured Action for individual sensors or groups of sensors

If a sensor is faulty, or is generating frequent minor alarms for a known condition that cannot be addressed immediately, you can prevent it from generating further alarms. Suppressed sensors are still audited, and their status is reported in the Sensors list.

For more information about sensors and sensor groups, see Sensors Tab.

To use the command-line interface, see CLI Commands for Managing Sensors.


  1. Open the Host Detail page for the host.

    1. Open the Host Inventory page, available from Admin > Platform > Host Inventory in the left-hand pane.

    2. Select the Hosts tab, and then in the Host Name column, click the name of the host.

  2. Select the Sensors tab.

  3. Use the controls on the Sensors tab to suppress actions for individual sensors or sensor groups.

    For a group of sensors

    To suppress actions for a group of sensors, open the Actions menu for the group, and then select Suppress SensorGroup.


    For an individual sensor

    To suppress actions for an individual sensor, locate the sensor in the Sensors list, and click Suppress Sensor.



The Suppression field in the list is updated to show that actions are suppressed for the sensor.