Relearn Sensor ModelsΒΆ

You can relearn the sensor models used to monitor board health. This is advisable after upgrading BMC firmware or making other BMC-related changes on a host.

The sensor model used on a host is defined by the installed BMC module. It is read initially by StarlingX when the BMC is provisioned, and used to populate the Sensors tab for the host. At initial provisioning, this can take about five minutes.

You may need to update the information on the Sensors tab manually if the sensor model changes for any reason (for example, because the BMC firmware is upgraded). An out-of-date sensor model can cause false alarms or errors.

You can update sensor information from the Horizon Web interface using the Relearn Sensor Model button. To use the command-line interface, see StarlingX Node Configuration and Management: CLI Commands for Managing Sensors.

The relearn operation clears any existing sensor alarms, and updates the list of sensor groups and sensors for the host. Existing sensor groups retain the same action and audit interval. If any new sensor groups are added, they are assigned a default action, and inherit the audit interval in effect for all sensor groups. For more about these settings, see Adjust Sensor Actions and Audit Intervals.

For more information about sensor monitoring, see StarlingX Node Configuration and Management: Sensors Tab. For more about BMCs, see the StarlingX installation guide for your system.


  1. Open the Host Detail page for the host.

    1. Open the Host Inventory page, available from Admin > Platform > Host Inventory in the left-hand pane.

    2. Select the Hosts tab, and then in the Host Name column, click the name of the host.

  2. Select the Sensors tab.

  3. On the Sensors page, click Relearn Sensor Model.


    Allow about two minutes for the sensor information to be updated.

    When the update is completed, the State for all sensor groups and sensors is shown as enabled. Any existing sensor alarms are cleared.