CLI Commands for Managing SensorsΒΆ

You can use the command-line interface to list sensor information, change sensor settings, and relearn sensors.

The following CLI commands are available for working with sensors. For complete syntax information, use the help command.

system host-sensorgroup-relearn

Include the name or ID of the host as a parameter.

system host-sensor-list

List all the sensors.

system host-sensor-modify

You can modify sensors using the suppress parameter (True or False).

system host-sensor-show

system host-sensorgroup-list

system host-sensorgroup-modify

You can modify sensor groups using the following parameters:


Valid values are alarm or ignore.


Valid values are alarm or ignore.


Valid values are alarm or ignore.

audit interval_group

The time in seconds.


Valid values are True or False.

system host-sensorgroup-show

For example:

~(keystone_admin)$ system host-sensor-modify controller-0 d9af9433-44dd-4526-b0fd-8d7a0cdb877b suppress=True

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