List Node Labels from the CLIΒΆ

You can list assigned labels to review and manage the scheduling of Kubernetes objects, such as pods.

Labels are key/value pairs that are attached to nodes and are used to specify identifying attributes of nodes. Labels can be used to identify physical attributes of a node such as special purpose hardware or labels can be used to identify logical attributes of a node, for example the role of a node.

For more information on labels that are used to assign pods to nodes, refer to


  • To list labels currently assigned to a host, use the host-label-list command.

    The command format is:

    system host-label-list (<hostName> | <hostID>)

    For example:

    ~(keystone)admin)$ system host-label-list controller-0
    | hostname     | label key               | label value |
    | controller-0 | openstack-compute-node  | enabled     |
    | controller-0 | openstack-control-plane | enabled     |
    | controller-0 | openvswitch             | enabled     |
    | controller-0 | SRIOV                   | enabled     |