Unlock a Host Using HorizonΒΆ

Unlocking a host brings a locked host into service.

About this task

Unlocking first resets the target host to ensure that it starts from a well-known state. The host is then automatically configured, and any required software patches are applied.

The state transition only succeeds if all the necessary configuration components for the host are already in place.

During the unlock operation, the host is rebooted. If the boot process fails, a second reboot is attempted. For some types of boot failure, the number of successive reboot attempts is limited; for more information, see Reboot Limits for Host Unlock.


On a StarlingX Simplex system, any containers (hosted applications) that were stopped by the preceding Lock Host operation are started automatically.


  1. From Admin > Platform > Host Inventory, select the Hosts tab.

  2. From the Edit menu for the host, select Unlock Host.