Swact a Master/Controller Using the CLI¶

Swacting initiates a switch of the active/standby roles between two controllers.

About this task

Swact is an abbreviated form of the term Switch Active (host). When selected, this option forces the other controller to become the active one in the HA cluster. This means that all active system services on this controller move to standby operation, and that the corresponding services on the other controller become active.

Complete this procedure when you need to lock the currently active controller, or undertake any kind of maintenance procedures; for example, when updating hardware or replacing faulty components.


  • Run the following command from the controller’s command line.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-swact <hostname>

    If necessary, you can use the --force option to force a swact.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-swact --force <hostname>


    The --force option bypasses semantic checks and may cause service failures.