Reinstall a Host Using Horizon

Reinstalling forces a full re-installation of the StarlingX software on a locked host.

The host’s hard drive is erased, and the installation process is started afresh.


On a StarlingX Simplex system, this function is not available.


Performing a host reinstall successfully is dependent on your BIOS boot order. Observe the following tips:

  • Prior to installation, configure the BIOS to allow booting from disk and the network.

  • During the host re-installation, StarlingX recommends that you have a console serial cable attached to the host to observe the boot progress.

  • The BIOS boot order should be:

    1. The boot partition.

      Typically, this is the disk associated with /dev/sda and is as defined in /proc/cmdline when the load is booted.

    2. The NIC on the boot interface (such as management or PXE network).

  • Set the BIOS boot options to ensure a failsafe boot, if available. For example, rotating through available boot interfaces, watchdog timer on boot, retry boot interfaces, and so forth.

If the BIOS boot still fails to progress, you may need to force a boot using the network interfaces through the BIOS boot option.


  1. From Admin > Platform > Host Inventory, select the Hosts tab.

  2. Lock the host as described in Lock a Host Using Horizon.

  3. From the Edit menu for the host, select Reinstall Host.