Bare metal Standard with Ironic R6.0


Ironic is an OpenStack project that provisions bare metal machines. For information about the Ironic project, see Ironic Documentation.

End user applications can be deployed on bare metal servers (instead of virtual machines) by configuring OpenStack Ironic and deploying a pool of 1 or more bare metal servers.


If you are behind a corporate firewall or proxy, you need to set proxy settings. Refer to Docker Proxy Configuration for details.

Standard with Ironic deployment configuration

Figure 1: Standard with Ironic deployment configuration

Bare metal servers must be connected to:

  • IPMI for OpenStack Ironic control

  • ironic-provisioning-net tenant network via their untagged physical interface, which supports PXE booting

As part of configuring OpenStack Ironic in StarlingX:

  • An ironic-provisioning-net tenant network must be identified as the boot network for bare metal nodes.

  • An additional untagged physical interface must be configured on controller nodes and connected to the ironic-provisioning-net tenant network. The OpenStack Ironic tftpboot server will PXE boot the bare metal servers over this interface.


Bare metal servers are NOT:

  • Running any OpenStack / StarlingX software; they are running end user applications (for example, Glance Images).

  • To be connected to the internal management network.


StarlingX currently supports only a bare metal installation of Ironic with a standard configuration, either:

This guide assumes that you have a standard deployment installed and configured with 2x controllers and at least 1x compute-labeled worker node, with the StarlingX OpenStack application (stx-openstack) applied.