Access PXE Boot Server Files for a Custom ConfigurationΒΆ

If you prefer, you can create a custom PXE boot configuration using the installation files provided with StarlingX.

About this task

You can use the setup script included with the ISO image to copy the boot configuration files and distribution content to a working directory. You can use the contents of the working directory to construct a PXE boot environment according to your own requirements or preferences.

For more information about using a PXE boot server, see Configure a PXE Boot Server.


  1. Copy the ISO image from the source (product DVD, USB device, or a StarlingX mirror) to a temporary location on the PXE boot server.

    This example assumes that the copied image file is tmp/TS-host-installer-1.0.iso.

  2. Mount the ISO image and make it executable.

    $ mount -o loop /tmp/TS-host-installer-1.0.iso /media/iso
    $ mount -o remount,exec,dev /media/iso
  3. Create and populate a working directory.

    Use a command of the following form:

    $ /media/iso/ -u http://<ip-addr>/<symlink> <-w <working directory>>



    is the Apache listening address.


    is a name for a symbolic link to be created under the Apache document root directory, pointing to the directory specified by <working-dir>.


    is the path to the working directory.

  4. Copy the required files from the working directory to your custom PXE boot server directory.