Remove a Data Network Using the CLIΒΆ

Before you can delete a data network, you must remove any interface associations.

About this task

Complete the following steps to delete a data interface.


The following procedure requires that the host be locked.


  1. Remove the data network from the interface.

    1. Identify the interface to be removed.

      For example:

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system interface-datanetwork-list controller-1
      | hostname     | uuid                                 | ifname | datanetwork_name |
      | controller-1 | 212d5afc-e417-49fe-919a-d94e9b46c236 | sriov0 | group0-data0     |
      | controller-1 | 6c2f7066-3889-4291-8928-5fb4b2bccfee | data0  | group0-data0     |
      | controller-1 | c4ac3c62-283e-491f-a08b-2e4a5ece205c | pthru0 | group0-data0     |
    2. Remove the network.

      For example:

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system interface-datanetwork-remove c4ac3c62-283e-491f-a08b-2e4a5ece205c
      Deleted Interface DataNetwork: c4ac3c62-283e-491f-a08b-2e4a5ece205c
  2. Delete the data network from the system.

    ~[keystone_admin]$ system datanetwork-delete <datanetworkUUID>

    where <datanetworkUUID> is the UUID of the data network.