Display Data Network Information Using HorizonΒΆ

You can view data network details from the Horizon Web interface or the CLI. You can also view data network topologies from Horizon.

About this task

Using Horizon, you can obtain information about data networks using the following:

The Data Network Topology view. This is a graphical representation of all data networks on the system and their connections to worker hosts. You can select individual data networks to view details. You can also review active alarms for data network connections.


You cannot make changes from this view.

Both places use the Data Network Details tab to present details. If you prefer, you can view the details using the CLI; for more information, see Displaying Data Network Information Using the CLI.


  1. From the left pane menu, select Admin > Platform > Data Networks.

  2. Click the name of the data network to open the Data Network Overview page.

    Details for the data network are displayed and, in the case of StarlingX OpenStack, the project networks.