Integrate the Application with Notification Client SidecarΒΆ

This section describes the ptp-notification-demo, and provides instructions for enabling communication between the Sidecar and the application via a REST API.

About this task

The integration between the application is done with the use of a Sidecar. The Sidecar runs as a container along with the application in the same pod. The application and the Sidecar communicate via a REST API. See the figure below.


In this demo, we provide a referenced API application.


The following prerequisites are required before the integration:

  • The cloud is configured with a node that supports the Subordinate mode (Slave mode).

  • The cloud is labeled with ptp-registration=true, and ptp-notification=true.

  • The ptp-notification-armada-app application is installed successfully.

  • The application supports the PTP Notifications API.


For instructions on creating, testing and terminating a ptp-notification-demo, see, Create, Test, and Terminate |PTP| Notification Demo.