Run Ansible Backup Playbook RemotelyΒΆ

In this method you can run Ansible Backup playbook on a remote workstation and target it at controller-0.


  • You need to have Ansible installed on your remote workstation, along with the Ansible Backup/Restore playbooks.

  • Your network has IPv6 connectivity before running Ansible Playbook, if the system configuration is IPv6.


  1. Log in to the remote workstation.

  2. Provide an Ansible hosts file, either, a customized one that is specified using the -i option, or the default one that resides in the Ansible configuration directory (that is, /etc/ansible/hosts). You must specify the floating OAM IP of the controller host. For example, if the host name is stx_Cluster, the inventory file should have an entry stx_Cluster, for example:

  3. Run Ansible Backup playbook:

    ~(keystone_admin)$ ansible-playbook <path-to-backup-playbook-entry-file> --limit host-name -i <inventory-file> -e <optional-extra-vars>

    The generated backup tar file can be found in <host_backup_dir>, that is, /home/sysadmin, by default. You can overwrite it using the -e option on the command line or in an override file.


    If a backup of the local registry images file is created, the file is not copied from the remote machine to the local machine.