Install/Update the Docker Registry Certificate

The local Docker registry provides secure HTTPS access using the registry API.

About this task

By default a self-signed certificate is generated at installation time for the registry API. For more secure access, an intermediate or Root CA-signed certificate is strongly recommended.

The intermediate or Root CA-signed certificate for the registry must have at least the following SANs: DNS:registry.local, DNS:registry.central, IP Address:<oam-floating-ip-address>, IP Address:<mgmt-floating-ip-address>. Use the system addrpool-list command to get the OAM floating IP Address and management floating IP Address for your system. You can add any additional DNS entry(s) that you have set up for your OAM floating IP Address.

Use the following procedure to install an intermediate or Root CA-signed certificate to either replace the default self-signed certificate or to replace an expired or soon to expire certificate.


Obtain an intermediate or Root CA-signed certificate and key from a trusted intermediate or Root Certificate Authority (CA). Refer to the documentation for the external Root CA that you are using, on how to create public certificate and private key pairs, signed by an intermediate or Root CA, for HTTPS.

Put the Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) encoded versions of the certificate and key in a single file, and copy the file to the controller host.

Also obtain the certificate of the intermediate or Root CA that signed the above certificate.


  1. In order to enable internal use of the Docker registry certificate, update the trusted CA list for this system with the Root CA associated with the Docker registry certificate.

    ~(keystone_admin)]$ system certificate-install --mode ssl_ca <pathTocertificate>



    is the path to the intermediate or Root CA certificate associated with the Docker registry’s intermediate or Root CA-signed certificate.

  2. Update the Docker registry certificate using the certificate-install command.

    Set the mode (-m or --mode) parameter to docker_registry.

    ~(keystone_admin)]$ system certificate-install --mode docker_registry <pathTocertificateAndKey>



    is the path to the file containing both the Docker registry’s Intermediate or Root CA-signed certificate and private key to install.